spending spend‧ing [ˈspendɪŋ] noun [uncountable] ACCOUNTING ECONOMICS FINANCE
the amount of money spent, especially by a government or organization:

• The slump in high street spending could reduce imports.

• a rise in consumer spending

Spending cuts are being imposed to keep the currency stable.

• The Dallas-based firm says it plans capital spending of $650m.

• the need to control public spending (= money spent by the government )

spending on

• Spending on goods and services is down.

ˈdeficit ˌspending ECONOMICS
when a government spends more than it receives from taxes and other income:

• The Democrats want to stimulate the weak economy, and believe that more deficit spending, rather than less, would do that.

disˌcretionary ˈspending
1. ECONOMICS spending by consumers on things that they want to buy rather than on things they need such as housing or food:

• Jewelry companies, which depend on discretionary spending, are forecasting better times.

2. ACCOUNTING spending by a company or organization that can easily be increased or reduced, for example on advertising or developing new products:

• Although the company is limiting discretionary spending, it is maintaining major projects that other companies might have tried to cancel.

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spending UK US /ˈspendɪŋ/ noun [U] ECONOMICS, FINANCE
the money that is used for a particular purpose, especially by a government, organization, or group: spending on sth »

Net spending on Britain's infrastructure last year was £2.6 billion.

increase/raise/boost spending »

The huge retailer increased spending on health care for its employees.


cut/trim/control spending


Spending cuts alone will not generate the needed growth in the economy.


Massive increases were made in government spending.


Consumer spending has more than doubled in the last ten years.


corporate/federal spending


defence/R&D spending

See also DEFICIT SPENDING(Cf. ↑deficit spending), DISCRETIONARY SPENDING(Cf. ↑discretionary spending), PUBLIC SPENDING(Cf. ↑public spending), STANDARD SPENDING ASSESSMENT(Cf. ↑standard spending assessment)

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